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Main event
Erinevate Tubade Klubi

Telliskivi 60a, Tallinn - Telliskivi Creative City, A1 building, 4th floor - door on the corner, next to restaurant Lendav Taldrik


Parallel workshop
Pelgulinna Rahvamaja

Telliskivi 56, Tallinn



Useful information

Telliskivi street belongs to paid parking area (15 min = 0,26 €).

There are cheaper parking areas in Telliskivi Creative City.
Map, details and additional info: telliskivi.cc/en/contact

Free parking zone begins right across railroad.

Dancing shoes

Outdoor footwear is not allowed at the festival venue.

There are slippers provided by Club of Different Rooms but they are not suitable for dancing.
The best option is to bring your own comfortable dancing shoes.


Food and drinks at Telliskivi Creative City:

  • Reval Cafe
  • F-hoone
  • Lendav Taldrik
  • Kivi Paber Käärid
  • Frenchy Bistro
  • Kärbes Kitchen&Bar
  • Homeart
  • Bueno Gourmet

There are many diners also outside Creative City premises:

  • La Tabla
  • Fritto
  • Tio Leno
  • Trühvel
  • Päästke Willy Fish’n Chips
  • Spice Wagon
  • Konteiner
  • Londiste koogid
  • Peatus
  • Tres Amigos
  • St. Vitus
  • Apelsini Raudtee
  • Boheem
  • etc.

You can bring your own food.
Supermarket Rimi is nearby, just 300m.
There is also an ATM.

Free coffee, tea and bagel available on seminars.


There is tap water and glasses available at the dance hall.
We recommend to bring your own cup so you can find it easily amongst other glasses.

There is bar open at festival venue. Payment by card and in cash.
It is not allowed to bring your own alcoholic drinks.