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Eva Väljaots & Robbie Sherratt


Eva Väljaots & Robbie Sherratt perform Estonian and English traditional dance music along with their own compositions. The duo represents a seldom heard combination of the kannel, often known as a solo instrument, and the 5-string fiddle, an instrument rarely found in Estonia. Sharing an affinity for improvisation, Eva Väljaots & Robbie Sherratt’s concerts are full of spontaneity and arrangements invented at the drop of a hat, delightfully inviting listeners to dance. You may recognise them from last year’s Sabatants, when they played with their mates from Sibelius Academy, Helsinki.

Eva Väljaots – kannel
Robbie Sherratt – 5-string fiddle

More about Robbie and Eva https://robbiesherratt.com/eva-valjaots-robbie-sherrat