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Sofie Meyer & Leanne Barbo

Sofie Meyer & Leanne Barbo

Sofie Meyer grew up on Fanø, a small Island on the Danish west coast, known for having a strong living folk music tradition. Here she started to play violin at the age of 5 with the local musician, Peter Uhrbrand, who taught her all the traditional tunes from the island. At the age of 17 she travelled to Copenhagen to study at the Royal Danish Academy of Music, where she obtained a degree in classical violin playing. Since finishing the degree, she has been traveling all over Europe playing with different ensembles both classical, jazz, free improvisation and folk music. In Estonia she met Leanne Barbo who had already become a fan of Fanø music and the natural course of events led to them playing together as a duo Sofie Meyer & Leanne Barbo. The duo will play music from Fanø south village Sønderho and in the beginning of the set they will make a short introduction into the south village dance called sønderhoning.

Sofie Meyer – violin
Leanne Barbo
– kannel