Duo Kentsakad

Two fellows, some strings and a bellow, after dancing to their tunes, your feet will feel like jell-o! Duo Kentsakad offers a selection from old to new, from reilenders to waltzes. Come to dance…

Leanne Barbo & Monika Väliste

Leanne Barbo – bagpipe Monika Väliste – flute photo: Mait Sepp

Yngve Rosenblad & Marju Tamm

Yngve Rosenblad – talharpa Marju Tamm – talharpa

Natali Ponetajev

Natali Ponetajev – Estonian diatonic accordion photo: Karoliina Kreintaal

The violin quartet of the Traditional Music Department of the Heino Eller Music School

The Fiddle Quartet of the Traditional Music department of Heino Eller Music College, formed by young up-and-coming folk-fiddlers, searches for a juicy yet clean and unique sound. They value an authentic style, while remaining…

Steffenson trio

Monika Väliste – flute Marta Chan – violin Hans Mihkel Vares – mandolin, violin photo: Kerit Ilves

Sounds and Stories from Ruhnu Island

The ensemble Sounds and Stories from Ruhnu Island brings to the festival audience the lively violin tunes that accompanied at the weddings of the Ruhnu Swedes. The dancer can swirl around and listen to…

Robaksai Folk

We are four musicians who have been surrounded by folklore since childhood and have mastered the music and dances of this traditional genre. We constantly play at evenings, parties, concerts. Our music is all…