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Aivar Arak

Aivar Arak

Aivar Arak is one of the most valued kannel players throughout Estonia. He plays in culture houses, dance clubs, folk festivals and everywhere in between. His love for playing the kannel was passed down from his father, Helmut-Endel Arak, and further inherited by his son, Martin Arak. Together, they formed the “Arak family ensemble” and have all performed at both larger and smaller events. Although the Arak family ensemble is no longer playing in this lineup, folk music has been and remains important in Aivar’s family and connects several generations.

Aivar plays Osvald Rossmann’s kannel which has a superior sound and resonance. He plays with a firm hand and a good touch, which is why it’s always very enjoyable to dance to the sound of Aivar’s tunes.

Aivar has been playing at Sabatants since the second festival in 2013, which soon became a tradition lasting for years, that he has the honor of playing the opening waltz of the festival.

Aivar Arakkülakannel

photo: Andres Treial