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Alamakstud Härrad

Once upon a time, an Estonian man loved a woman so much that he came to the verge of telling her about his feelings. Yet while singing and dancing, even such a fellow becomes an open book, and in the course of these activities all that is true and good in the human heart will be revealed for everyone to see!
Old dance- and song-tunes are, for our young gentlemen, both an informative and instructive source of inspiration. Among their rich repertoire, we find greatest hits from the heydays of our forefathers- and mothers, learned from the songbooks of their blooming youth. One thing is certain: the charm of the dancers always brings a smile to the musician’s face.

The ensemble Alamakstud Härrad (The Underpaid Gentlemen) is a band that is beaming happiness and authenticity. The härrad (gentlemen) play and sing older dance and singing tunes. Among them there are the hit songs of past times learned from the songbooks of forefathers and foremothers. In their live concerts one can sense the charm and tenderness of men singing, spontanity and humorous and direct approach to the audience and also music.

Romet Allingu – Estonian accordion, piano accordion, I sopranoBrett Hiiob – Fiddle, II soprano