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Folk dance group Dandari was established in 1980, still gathering students and graduates from all around Latvia. This is why our repertoire is very diverse and folk costumes also represent each members hometown or region. We sing songs, play games, dance and play dances from different regions, but usually the main focus is on many couple dances.

As 2022-2032 is the International decade of indigenous languages, then we will keep exploring one of our own – Livs. We will show and teach what we have found out about their choreographic heritage – games and dances.

Madara Lūka – flute, mandolin, voice
Dzintra Zveja – mandolin
Baiba Kūlaine – base
Ieva Artmane – bubin
Inga Holsta – mandolin, voice
Oskars Patjanko – diatonic accordion, voice

Dance instructors:
Inga Holsta
Jevgēnijs Mickevičs