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Emilija Vaiginytė, Jogintas Čepulis, Tomas Jurginas


Jogintas, Emilija and Tomas are already familiar to those who were at Sabatants last spring or who have found themselves at dance parties in Lithuania. A relatively new violon-bagpipe band has become well known in Lithuania and often plays for dancers. Jogintas and Emilija, accompanied by Tomas on small drum, bring alive old lithuanian polkas and waltzes in their own distinctive and modern way. Newer song-melodies are also transformed into minimalistic and captivating dance music that offers the joy of spinning into oblivion during the late hours of festival nights.

Emilija Vaiginytė (violin)
Jogintas Čepulis (bagpipe)
Tomas Jurginas (drum)