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Harri Lindmets & Henrik Hinrikus

Harri Lindmets and Henrik Hinrikus are a duo that came together for last summer’s Viljandi Folk Music festival, for the topic of the festival was „Roots and treetops“. They also use number combination 2882 as the name of the duo (that reads in South Estonian kats katessa katessa kats). Why this combination? This is for the listener to guess.

Two Old Wõromaa men who’s common passion is Estonian Teppo type accordion and traditional music. Harri Lindmets with his ancient knowledge is a true accordion-root who is a brilliant example for young accordion players. Henrik Hinrikus is a accordion player of modern style who is not afraid to use even forbidden technics on the Estonian accordion.

Harri Lindmets – Estonian accordion
Henrik Hinrikus – Estonian accordion