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Katariin Raska / Leanne Barbo / Natali Ponetajev

Trio is united by Jaan Rand, musician from West Estonia, Kirbla, who played with equally great joy accordion, kannel and jaw harp. Love towards Jaan’s music has brought together the modern players of these three instruments, who have taken on all polkas and labajalgs that have been recorded from Jaan Rand in 1937 and play them on also with great joy. Katariin, Leanne and Natali themselves love to dance and this is why the dance groove in Jaan Rand’s music has inspired them a lot and now they want to bring this all to dancers in Sabatants festival.

Katariin Raska – Jaw harp
Leanne Barbo – Kannel
Natali Ponetajev – Estonian accordion

photo: Karoliina Kreintaal