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Katariina Tiisler & Mihkel Sildoja

Katariina Tiisler and Mihkel Sildoja are young folk musicians who play different types of accordions (garmoshka, button accordion, Estonian accordion). Especially with playing garmoshkas they want to show how in such a small instrument lies a tremendous power and how it is perfectly suitable for playing very different repertoire. Katariina and Mihkel are also up to play for dance in a suitable style for dancing and are also themselves experienced dancers and admirers of traditional dance. “Our mission is bringing musicians closer to dancers and vice versa to create a nice festival vibe for everyone. We play dance tunes from different places and time periods in Estonia.”

Katariina Tiisler – Garmoshka, button accordion
Mihkel Sildoja – Garmoshka, button accordion, Estonian accordion