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Katariina Tirmaste

Katariina Tirmaste is an old friend of the Sabatants dancers and audience – over the years she has played for dance both as a solo musician and ensemble player and is said to be the most danceable flutist in Estonia. Katariina holds in high regard the ability to carry the groove of musicians who come from traditional dance culture in her music. It is in playing solo for dance that she finds the biggest freedom, responsibility, excitement and joy. This way the sensitive dialogue of musician and dancers will become a lively and united movement; where their mutual contact becomes the most important thing – dancers and musician become a dance couple themselves who listen to each other, share impulses and breathe together. At the moment Katariina Tirmaste is teaching in Heino Eller Tartu Music College and studies in the master’s program of folkloristics in Tartu University.