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Klaipėda traditional dance club band FOLKS


KLAIPĖDA TRADITIONAL DANCE CLUB was founded in 2012 as part of Etnoreidas, a project of Klaipėda City Municipality Centre of Ethnic Culture. Its initiator Rita Šukienė united a group of like-minded musicians and dancers in Klaipėda. Over the course of several years, a community of traditional dance enthusiasts formed that meets every Thursday for learning and get-togethers at Klaipėda Centre of Ethnic Culture, as well as actively participates in traditional dance events both in Lithuania and abroad. It is an open social space, inviting everyone able to dance and willing to learn how to dance. The club fosters not only dancers, but also musicians. The most active of them set up a traditional dance music group FOLKS.

FOLKS is a group of young musicians performing traditional dance music of Lithuania and other countries. When playing traditional tunes musicians try to convey them in a more interesting way looking for unexpected chords, variety of rhythms and harmonies, spicing up traditional tunes and improvising. The group actively participates in international traditional dance festivals, camps, dance nights in Lithuania and abroad, plays at dance get-togethers held at Klaipėda Centre of Ethnic Culture. Group members believe that dancing is not only a meaningful pastime, but also an interesting way of life.