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La Sèrcl


La Sèrcl is a plant that emerges from the ground and reaches for the light with a strong will to live. It is lovingly cared for by three gardeners. In their garden, they cultivate what they love most – dance music. Banjo, veuze (an Upper-Breton bagpipe), fiddle, sometimes accordion, and above all, song are the tools of our gardeners. It grows prickly, vibrant, breathing, and living.

From this nutrient-rich soil, the dances of the Gallo-speaking Breton country bloom in their various colors. La Sèrcl – rhythmic dance diversity in the ecosystem is guaranteed!

Emmanuelle Bouthillier – singing, fiddle
Matlao Ghiton – singing, banjo, fiddle, Jew’s harp
Cédric Malaunais – singing, accordions, veuze, small percussion instruments