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Leanne Barbo

Leanne Barbo is a folk musician, multi-instrumentalist, and dance instructor. While her main instrument is the Estonian bagpipe, she can also be found playing various whistles, flutes, kannel‘s, jew’s harps, and more. Leanne’s interest in different instruments stems from her desire to gain a deeper understanding of the unique characteristics of various cultures’ music, supported by learning about the specific instruments associated with each culture and music tradition. In addition to exploring different instruments, she is drawn to dances from various countries and ethnic groups, ranging from the Pakri Islands to Portugal or Udmurtia. Learning dances from different countries has helped Leanne to understand the unique aspects of specific local dances and refine her skills in teaching them effectively.

Leanne is the long-time leader of the Tallinn dance club and the program director of the Sabatants festival.