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National Folk Musician Juhan Uppin

Juhan Uppin

Juhan Uppin is a well-loved accordion and kannel player of the younger generation who is active as a teacher, performer and dance musician. He has studied traditional playing techniques indepth, performs old tunes and also creates new music.

He will be performing on the instruments of two valued instrument makers: the Estonian accordion by August Teppo and thumbpick kannel by Aksel Tähnas (päkarauakannel). Both instruments are designed for playing dance music – something that Juhan does so well that he has been on the stage at Sabatants every year, becoming an irreplaceable guest in the minds of dancers and organisers.




Juhan Uppin on Estonian accordion (lõõtspill) :

Juhan Uppin on thumbpick kannel by Aksel Tähnas (päkarauakannel):