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Natali Ponetajev

press & social media

What is your role in organizing Sabatants?

I handle Sabatants’ social media and promote the festival to the media and others.

Since what year have you been participating in Sabatants or been involved in the organizing?

I first attended Sabatants in 2016, and I’ve been involved in the organization since 2018.

What is your favorite dance?

Labajalavalss. It’s especially enjoyable when you can whirl around for a long time with someone who’s great to dance with.

Whose performance or which workshop are you most looking forward to at the festival this year?

I’m looking forward to Aivar Arak’s performance. His playing the kannel is a symbol of Sabatants’ beginnings and somehow makes the hall resonate in a special ceremonial way.

What is your most memorable moment from Sabatants?

Several years ago, I think it was at that one-time festival in Tartu in the fall of 2018, I watched dancers in the evening dance club and thought about how strange dancing really is – people come together and move in the room with certain steps, jumping, spinning around with each other – and how much joy it brings! Pretty cool stuff.