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Yngve Rosenblad


What is your role in organizing Sabatants?

I’m a consultant and a knowledge repository on the Estonian-Swedes theme. I chip in with wisdom on other topics as much as I can.

Since what year have you been participating in Sabatants or been involved in the organizing?

I’ve been a supporter from the beginning, but more closely involved since 2022.

What is your favorite dance?

Padespaan! That sudden complexity in the third phrase is so cool 😀
From foreign dances, I’m into Breton and Poitou dances. And of course, polska too.

Whose performance or which workshop are you most looking forward to at the festival this year?

As a Vormsi Swede and a fan of Breton culture, this year’s program feels like catnip to me, or like the first spring sun to a Nordic person, or… 🙂

What is your most memorable moment from Sabatants?

Every year, when I walk into the hall and whiff the fragrance of bird cherry branches, I’m completely awestruck!