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Oskars Patjanko, Lauma Bērza, Ilona Dzērve

Oskars Patjanko, Lauma Bērza, Ilona Dzērve

Ziemeļlatgales balle / North – Latgalian ball

Our project is a tribute to wonderful folk musician Alberts Mednis and all the music and stories he has
given to us. We will play traditional dance music that was popular in villages of North-Latgale around
1940-1950s. Be ready to dance a lot of polkas, waltzes, foxtrots and more specific dances like dzīsme or

Oskars and Lauma both have been playing together for around 10 years and already played in Sabatants
for a few times, Lauma and Ilona are wonderful singers and musicians from Latvian group Tautumeitas,
Ilona and Oskars have been visiting Alberts Mednis and learning tradition of St.Peterburgs accordion
from him since 2016. Together we all have studied ethnomusicology and folk music is our passion.

Oskars Patjanko – St. Peterburgs accordion
Ilona Dzērve – St. Peterburgs accordion, frame drum bubyns.
Lauma Bērza – violin, frame drum bubyns