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Rasmus Kadaja

Rasmus Kadaja is Estonian diatonic accordion (lõõtspill) and garmoshka player from Karksi-Nuia. He began playing the garmoshka in 2012 and the Estonian diatonic accordion in 2014. His teacher is Margus Põldsepp, known from Untsakad. Rasmus Kadaja achieved his coveted title of Accordion King (lõõtsakuningas) in 2022, making him Estonia’s V Accordion King. Rasmus is also a member of the band Lõõtsavägilased, of which he has been a member since the band’s early days. Over the course of 10 years, the band has performed over 1000 times and participated in several interesting projects. Currently, Rasmus teaches the garmoshka and Estonian diatonic accordion in Tartu, Elva, Karksi-Nuia, and Viljandi. He also leads the next generation folk band Lõõtsanøøbid at the Karksi-Nuia Music School, alongside Margus Põldsepp. Rasmus’s goal is to popularize the playing of the Estonian diatonic accordion and garmoshka.

Rasmus Kadaja – Estonian diatonic accordion (lõõtspill)