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Ruhnu Island Trio

In the middle of the Gulf of Riga lies a tiny island called Ruhnu that has many capes and a rich and complicated history. A century ago one could hear Ruhnu Swedish fiddle music on the island and the inhabitants were mainly Swedish speaking families. Nowadays around 55 people live in Ruhnu all year round and from one end to the other the island is only 5,5 kilometres long. Karoliina Kreintaal, Sänni Noormets and Lee Taul are violin players and singers, who have led a summer fiddle camp on Ruhnu for the past 9 years already. In this time they have gathered tunes from Ruhnu to revive local fiddle music that has vanished in previous years. They now perform the dynamic wedding repertoire of Ruhnu Swedes and tunes from the famous silversmith and fiddler Peeter Rooslaid.

Karoliina Kreintaal – song, violin, viola
Sänni Noormets – song, violin
Lee Taul – song, violin

photo: Annika Vihmann