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Smetonos ūsai / Smetona mustache


Smetonos ūsai’s music is rooted the recordings from the beginning of 20th century: polkas, waltzes, foxtrots and marches from Lithuania’s towns and countryside. Most of these melodies originate from the region of Aukštaitija. Wanting to stay close to the authentic sound, the group’s instruments are characteristic to the times their music draws from: violin, diatonic Peterburg harmonica and small drum. Original melodies are enriched by improvisation, creating subtle compositions. The musicians are also active in creating new tradition. They take part in the organizing of several projects, such as the dance festival “Folk LT” and “Turgaus muzika” that brings music to Lithuania’s cities and towns. The trio’s philosophy is: “Your dance is the best expression of our music”.

Edita Gumauskaitė (violin)
Artiom Opperman (hand drum)
Martynas Vingrys (diatonic Peterburg harmonica)