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Sofie & Leanne

(Fanø, Denmark / Estonia)

Leanne Barbo and Sofie Meyer play the music of Fanø island. Sofie Meyer has come to Estonia from Fanø and is studying in the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre, doing a masters degree in composition under the guidance of Helena Tulve. But she has continued to engage in the music of her home island. The traditions of Fanø and the fiddle music the island’s southern town Sønderho in particular, have remained continuous throughout time and are an important part of the island’s identity. The mellow, bright and catchy tunes from Fanø has won over many listeners; among others, it won over Leanne Barbo in 2015. When Sofie arrived to Tallinn a few years ago, the duo started playing music together. Sofie&Leanne’s first ever concert took place in Tokyo, the second one amongst friends in Latvia, the third one in Tabasalu and fourth one on virtual Sabatants festival.

Sofie Meyer  violin
Leanne Barbo