Workshop – Estonian couple dances

Dance teacher: Kristiina Siig
Music: Katariina Nelli Tiisler
In this workshop we introduce you to some of the couple dances that spread over Europe and Estonia from the end of 19th until the mid 20th century. Some of them were very popular and used over a long period of time like Padespan, Kikkapuu, Perekonnavalss. Others were true fashion hits and replaced each other in a few short years. In this workshop we will learn Matlott and Kihnu Tango. But we also shouldn’t forget that the majority of our older dance heritage has been the social entertainment in our traditional rural folk culture. This is why we will also dance a significantly older couple dance in the workshop – Mustjala Madal with a special labajalg step variant.

8. mai
17:30 — 18:30 (1h)