Workshop – Dances from Ruhnu island

In this workshop, you can learn social dances from the estonian-swedish island Ruhnu / Runö.  Many of them are already a bit familiar to us from the tradition of continental Estonia –  but they come with a Ruhnu twist. These dances, known on the island before the second world war, have reached us through the work Runö-born Jakob Steffensson (1924 – 2011). He made an effort to conserve and pass on his home tradition through self-made video recordings and the book “Så dansade vi på Runö ” (1981). Through these sources, we can now learn the beautiful and bouncy estonian-sweidsh wedding-dance step, special scottish-variants and many more beautiful and fun dances.

Dances are taught by Leanne Barbo, music by Steffensson’s Trio.

You can dance these dances again on the last night of the festival during dance party, 01:00 AM.

4. mai
16:00 — 18:00 (2h)