Workshop – Polka-mazurkas

Polka-mazurka was known in Estonia in the change of 19th and 20th century in broad variety. In the workshop we will see different steps and holds that one can use on the dance floor in the case when musicians announce a dance called polka-mazurka. We also will discuss how to recognize the music for this dance. Polka-mazurka has similarities and some relation to labajalg, polka and other couple dances, but fortunately there are also some differences. For a hint – in this dance there will be plenty of jumping. Therefore it is even more exciting to try to dance as economically as possible for preserving joy of dance for longer time. Besides relatively freely improvised polka-mazurkas there are also dances in the same rhythm where a certain melody is coupled with a certain choreography.

Dance instructor: Sille Kapper-Tiisler
Musician: Regina Mänd

6. mai
13:00 — 15:30 (2h 30′)