Workshop – Sønderhoning and dances from Fanø island

Sønderhoning is one of those several polska-type dances of Scandinavia and as expected – in the same time very unique. Dance music gives you cozy accented places where one can place their foot and the stepping into these places is a very special kind of joy. Sønderhoning is still danced in the village parties in Sønderho, south village of the island Fanø and it is not danced so much by a dancer specialized in traditional dances but just local people as it used to be with all the worlds dances. Peter Uhrbrand will teach us the finest details of the dance and show also some other dances from the island.

28. aprill
16:00 — 18:00 (2h)

Jæ Sweevers

(Fanø, Taani)