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Pakri Island Orchestra

The Orchestra is formed of the students of Pakri musicians Endel Enggrön, Hjalmar Enggrön, Herbert Stahl and dance teachers Nils Sjölund and Gun Pella. This time only students of the Enggrön brothers will play in the Virtual Sabatants festival. The music of Pakri islands is the only Estonian Swedish leik (läik in Pakri) or Estonian labajalg tradition that has miraculously survived until modern times. Rågöbornas Danslag – the dance ensemble of people born in Pakri, with their musicians – has travelled to Estonia on many occasions and in the last ten years young musicians in Estonia have learned their music and dance in several workshops, Pakri dance camp and in the process of preparing for Estonian Swedish Dance Festival. Endel and Hjalmar have also visited Sabatants festival twice with Nils Sjölund and Gun Pella. In the last year we have had to become more independent and in Virtual Sabatants we will play for the first time without our gurus.