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Juhász Zoltán, Juhász Réka, Németh Nóra, Babinecz Sándor


Hungarian musicians and dancers are at Sabatants in collaboration with Hungarian Institute in Estonia, Hungarian Heritage House and National Cultural Fund of Hungary.

Németh Nóra and Babinecz Sándor are both active under the Hungarian Heritage House – Sándor as a dance teacher and Nóra as a designer of childrens’ and art programs involving traditional culture. Both of them are professional dancers and experienced dance teachers.

Juhász Zoltán and Juhász Réka are a father-daughter duo of renowned musicians and teachers in the Ferenc Liszt Academy of Music in Budapest. Zoltan is a bagpipe- and whistle player as well as an ethnomusicologist, while Reka is a celebrated singer and clothes designer.


Juhász Zoltán (bagbipe)

Juhász Réka (singing)
Réka Juhász

Németh Nóra (dance)
Németh Nóra

Babinecz Sándor (dance)
Babinecz Sándor